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oil-linked_noteML - MERRILL LYNCH CO INC(Form 8-K Received...

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MERRILL LYNCH & CO INC (Form: 8-K, Received: 03/30/2004 16:3... http://www.ir.ml.com/EdgarDetail.cfm?CompanyID=MER&CIK=651... 6 of 10 5/18/2005 8:04 AM Payment at Maturity The “ Minimum Redemption Amount ” per Unit equals $9.70. The “Supplemental Redemption Amount” per Unit will be determined by the Calculation Agent (as defined below) and equals: $10.00 x ( Ending Value - Starting Value ) x Participation Rate Starting Value provided, however , that in no event will the Supplemental Redemption Amount be less than zero. The “ Starting Value ” equals 33.01. The “ Ending Value ” will be determined by Merrill Lynch Capital Services, Inc. (the “Calculation Agent”) and will equal the closing settlement price per barrel of the then current front month IPE Brent Crude futures contract (the “Brent Crude Contract”) for delivery in April 2007 traded on the International Petroleum Exchange (the “IPE”) on March 12, 2007 or, if no
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