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Sheet1 Page 1 AIRPLANE(AirplaneId, TypeName, Total_no_of_seats) PK(AirplaneId) FK(TypeName) references AIRPLANE_TYPE(TypeName) AIRPLANE_TYPE(TypeName, Max_Seats, Company) PK(TypeName) AIRPORT(AirportCode, Name, City, State) PK(AirportCode) CAN_LAND(TypeName, AirportCode) PK(TypeName, AirportCode) FK(TypeName) references AIRPLANE_TYPE(TypeName) FK(AirportCode) references AIRPORT(AirportCode) FARE(Number, Code, Amount, Restrictions) PK(Number, Code) FLIGHT(Number, Weekdays, Airline) PK(Number) FLIGHT_LEG(Number, LegNo, AirportCode, Scheduled_DepTime, ScheduledArrTime) PK(Number, LegNo) FK(Number) references FLIGHT(Number) FK(AirportCode) references AIRPORT(AirportCode)
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Unformatted text preview: FK(SchedArrAirportCode) references AIRPORT(AirportCode) FK(SchedDepAirportCode) references AIRPORT(AirportCode) LEG_INSTANCE(Number, LegNo, Date, No_of_avail_seats, AirplaneId, AirportCode, DepTime, AirTime) PK(Number, LegNo, Date) FK(Number, LegNo) references FLIGHT_LEG(Number, LegNo) FK(AirplaneId) references AIRPLANE(AirplaneId) FK(DepAirportCode) references AIRPORT(AirPortCode) FK(ArrAirPortCode) references AIRPORT(AirportCode) SEAT(Number, LegNo, Date, SeatNo, CustomerName, CPhone, No_of_avail_seats) PK(Number, LegNo, Date, SeatNo) FK(Number, LegNo, Date) references LEG_INSTANCE(Number, LegNo, Date)...
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