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Habitacion - r public String getDueño return dueño r...

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public class Habitacion{ p public int longitud; public int anchura; public String dueño; p public Habitacion(){ longitud = 5; anchura = 5; dueño = "nadie";} d public Habitacion(int l, int a, String d){ longitud = l; anchura = a; dueño = d;} d public int getLongitud(){ return longitud;} r public int getAnchura(){ return anchura;}
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Unformatted text preview: r public String getDueño(){ return dueño;} r public void setLongitud(int largo){ longitud = largo;} l public void setAnchura(int ancho){ anchura = ancho;} a public void setDueño(String d){ dueño = d;} d public double calculaArea(){ return anchura * Math.PI * Math.pow(longitud, 2);} r }...
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