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Nats 104 Term Paper

Nats 104 Term Paper - 1 War disease and hunger have plagued...

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War, disease, and hunger have plagued the human race since the beginning of existence. However, a relatively recent problem has been introduced whose effects could be even more problematic. This problem is Global Warming. The concept of Global Warming is simple; the combination of greenhouse gas emissions coupled with solar variability, and climate change cause the Earth’s temperature to rise. Although this does not seem like a paramount problem at first glance, this increase in global temperature is predicted to be associated with catastrophic results. These results include a rising sea level which may flood coastal cities, increased rainfall and flooding, heat waves and wildfires, crop failures due to drought, and the spread of contagious disease (Starr, 2003). Solutions for Global Warming have been introduced and implemented throughout the world in order to retard the onset of Global Warming, but in order to successfully mitigate this quickly growing dilemma, the main source of Global Warming must be established. Emissions of greenhouse gases by humans contribute more towards Global Warming than solar variability, and climate change and should therefore be reduced. The most apparent cause for Global Warming is the emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat within our atmosphere; similar to the glass walls in a greenhouse. Massive amounts of these gases are emitted into the atmosphere on a daily basis by both natural and man made causes. Starting during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s, high levels of greenhouse gases have been emitted into the atmosphere due to the combustion of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal). Fossil fuels are mainly used to power automobiles and generate energy all over the world.
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