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2 - A band region with thick filaments I band region...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Skeletal Muscle Organization (Figure 8-2) Muscle - population of elongated muscle fibers held together by connective tissue and connected at either end by tendons (Fi Muscle Fiber - single, multinucleated cell composed of a population of elongated myofibrils. Myofibril - elongated, cylindrically-shaped contractile elements composed of a population of sarcomeres connected end-to-end Sarcomere - the smallest unit of a muscle cell containing all of the elements necessary for contraction. Composed of interdigit Structural components - Z line - region where thin filaments from adjacent sarcomeres join
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Unformatted text preview: - A band - region with thick filaments - I band - region without thick filaments - H zone - region without thin filaments - M line - region in the center of the thick filaments Thick Filament - special assemblies of hundreds of myosin protein molecules organized into elongated fibers (Figure 8-3,8-5,8 Myosin - cytoskeletal protein composed of two interwoven subunits, each with a long tail and a globular head region. actin binding site - specialized region of the myosin head capable of binding to actin. myosin ATPase - specialized region of the myosin head capable of ATP hydrolysis...
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