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30 - AV node increases the permeability of AV nodal cells...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Heart Rate Regulation - heart rate is regulated primarily by autonomic influences that control the excitability of the sino-atrial n parasympathetic - supplied by the vagus nerve to the SA and AV nodes and to the contractile cells of the atria. There is very l SA node - increases the permeability of SA nodal cells to K+ by delaying the inactivation of K+ channels that occurs after an a
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Unformatted text preview: AV node - increases the permeability of AV nodal cells to K+. This reduces the excitability of the AV node and further delays it s atrial contractile cells - shortens the duration of the cardiac fiber action potentials by reducing the Ca++ permeability during the sympathetic - sympathetic nerves supply the atria (the SA and AV nodes), and richly innervate the ventricles. This input, medi a...
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