34 - a Venules the vessels that form when capillaries join...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lecture 21: Cardiovascular System - Circulation and Blood Pressure I Reading: chapter 10, sections: intro, arteries, arterioles, pgs 337-351 (pgs 343-357, if using 5th edition) Circulation and Blood Pressure - The systemic and pulmonary circulation each consist of a closed system of vessels that tran s p Arteries - composed of large vessels that carry blood from the heart. Arterioles - small diameter vessels that arise from the branching of arteries when they reach the organs they are supplying. Capillaries - the smallest diameter vessels that are formed when arterioles branch. These vessels transport oxygen, nutrients
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Unformatted text preview: a Venules - the vessels that form when capillaries join together. Veins - large diameter vessels that are formed when venules merge together. They return blood to the heart. Microcirculation - the name given to the collection of arterioles, capillaries and venules. Aorta Large Arterial Arterioles Capillaries Large Vena CavaBranches Veinsfeature1 100F s ½ million 10 billion 100¨ s 2internal r a...
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