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39 - extracellular K concentration increased neuronal...

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Sheet1 Page 1 intrinsic control - factors intrinsic to an organ or tissue that control arteriolar radius. These are subdivided into local chemical c o local chemical control local metabolic changes - numerous factors derived from local metabolic activity lead to the relaxation of arteriolar smooth mu s O2 concentration - reduced O2 during metabolic demand CO2 concentration - increased CO2 during metabolic demand pH - increases in CO2 and/or lactic acid lowers the blood pH
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Unformatted text preview: extracellular K+ concentration - increased neuronal activity that outpaces the Na+/K+ ATPase osmolarity - increased solute concentration resulting from metabolic activity adenosine - released in cardiac muscle in response to metabolic demand prostaglandins - produced from the metabolism of fatty acids Histamine release - this chemical is not released in response to local metabolic changes and is not derived from endothelial c e...
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