44 - e venous valves these valves are located within the...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Veins - these vessels serve as a reservoir for blood and a conduit for blood flow back to the heart. venous capacity - This is the volume of blood the veins can accommodate (Figure 10-27). It depends on the dispensability of t h venous return - This is the volume of blood entering each atrium per minute. It is influenced by several factors (Figure 10-28). sympathetic activity - sympathetic stimulation produces contraction of venous smooth muscle resulting in vasoconstriction. Th i s skeletal muscle activity - many large veins lie within the body of skeletal muscles. Contraction of these muscles compresses th
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Unformatted text preview: e venous valves - these valves are located within the lumen of large veins and prevent the backflow of venous blood (Figure 10-3 Without venous valves, contracted skeletal muscle would squeeze blood both towards and away from the heart. With venous v respiratory activity - the pressure within the chest cavity transiently decreases by approximately 5 mm of Hg during respiration . cardiac suction - during ventricular contraction the atrial cavities are enlarged slightly and this causes a transient reduction of a...
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