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Major Themes in Chapter Two ~Science as a Process of Inquiry: Rutherford gold foil experiment, Bohr’s atomic model ~Evolution: n/a (this chapter is about chemicals) ~Energy Transfer: Valence electrons, electron energy levels, ionic/covalent bonding, and the law of conservation of mass ~Continuity and Change: n/a (this chapter is about chemicals) ~Relationship of Structure to Function: Hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions, H-bonds, valence electrons (how they affect intermolecular interactions) ~Regulation: How hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions determine how a molecule
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Unformatted text preview: functions, how valence electrons of a particular atom determines the type of molecule the atom will bond with, and the limitations of energy sublevels ~Interdependence in Nature: ionic bonds, covalent bonds, phospho-lipid bilayer, and the production/formation of acid rain from human endeavors ~Science, Technology, and Society: The effect of pollution on the environment, the creation and modification of the atomic model, the need for various vitamins to stay healthy, and how these vitamins are synthesized...
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