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Maeve Keaney Emily Buder Holly Nichols AP Biology 1 10 Vocabulary Words Catabolic Pathways: the release of energy Anabolic Pathways: the conservation of energy Free Energy: the portion of a system’s energy that can perform work when temperature is uniform throughout the system. Exergonic Reactions: net release of free energy. Endergonic Reactions: absorbs free energy. Enzyme: a chemical agent that changes the rate of reaction without being consumed by the reaction. Substrates: bind to the active site formed on the enzyme. When the substrate enters the active site, the enzyme changes shape to secure the substrate. Factors within an enzyme’s environment such as sub optimal temperature, Ph, and
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Unformatted text preview: chemicals affect its activity. • Allosteric Regulation: A complex that switches between two functional states, one which is active and the other which is inactive, that pertains to an effect on the biological function of a protein. • Feedback Inhibition: The switching on and off of metabolic pathways so that the substances at the end of a long series of reactions inhibits a reaction at the beginning of the series of reactions. • Cooperativity: A mechanism that magnifies the response of enzymes to substrates, in which one substrate molecule prepares an enzyme to accept additional substrate molecules....
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