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AP Bio Per. 1 Top 10 List 1. Membranes are fluid Phospholipids and proteins move laterally within the membrane. Cholesterol and unsaturated hydrocarbon tails in the phospholipids affect membrane fluidity 2. Membrane structure and function Integral proteins are embedded in the lipid bi-layer; peripheral proteins are attached to the surfaces, inside and outside membrane faces differ in composition. Functions include transport, signal transduction, cell-cell recognition, and enzymatic activity among others. 3. Cell-Cell recognition Short chains of sugars are linked to proteins and lipids on the exterior side of the plasma membrane, where they can interact with surface molecules of other cells.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Selective permeability in membranes • Some substances are allowed to cross membranes more easily then others 5. Passive Transport diffusion • Spontaneous movement of a substance down its concentration gradient 6. Osmosis • Passive transport of water from hypotonic to hypertonic concentration 7. cell balancing water uptake and loss • Cells without wall are isotonic with their environment or have adaptations for osmoregulations. 8. Active Transport • Pumping of solutes against their gradient 9. ion pumps • different typed, chemical gradient and electrical gradient (voltage) 10. Exocytosis and endocytosis • Know what they are and the difference between the two...
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