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Chapter 10 Photosynthesis Themes Famous Experiments: van Niel hypothesized that the product of oxygen in photosynthesis came from the splitting of the water molecule, not from the carbon dioxide. Evolution: CAM plants and C4 plants have evolved to survive in arid climates and still do photosynthesis by avoiding the opening of stomata during the day. Energy Transfer: A light photon transfers energy to an electron, which goes down one electron transport chain to produce ATP, then another to produce NADPH.
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Unformatted text preview: These high-energy molecules are then used in the Calvin Cycle to produce G3P, which is eventually turned to glucose. The plant can then do cellular respiration and survive using this glucose. Regulation: The Light Reactions of photosynthesis produce equal amounts of ATP and NADPH, but the Calvin Cycle requires more ATP than NADPH, so when the Calvin cycle runs low on ATP, photosystem I goes into a cyclic operation which produces only ATP....
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