Ch13MC - a. Fertilization b. Mitosis c. DNA replication d....

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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What type of reproduction consists of a parent passing down identical copies of its genes to its offspring? a. Asexual reproduction b. Vegetative propagation c. A clone d. Sexual reproduction 2. What is a karyotype? a. Any cell other than a gamete b. Chromosomes c. Ordered displays of an individuals chromosomes d. Haploid cell 3. What is the total number of chromosomes after meiosis II in all daughter cells? a. 42 b. 92 c. 125 d. 46 4. What is the human number of chromosomes in a haploid cell? a. 23 b. 45 c. 60 d. 120 5. In meiosis I what happens? a. Homologous chromosomes replicate b. Sister chromatids separate c. Homologous chromosomes separate d. Haploid cells replicate to become diploid 6. In meiosis II what happens? a. Sister chromatids separate b. Homologous chromosomes are replicated c. Homologous chromosomes separate d. There is a homologous pair of chromosomes in the diploid parent cell 7. A spore that divides mitotically to generate a multicellular haploid a. Spore b. Gametophyte c. Sporophyte d. Chromosome 8. Following meiosis, cells become diploid after
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Unformatted text preview: a. Fertilization b. Mitosis c. DNA replication d. Asexual reproduction 9. What produces genetic variation? a. Independent assortment b. Crossing over c. A, B, and D are all correct d. Random fertilization 10. At what stage in meiosis does crossing over occur? a. Anaphase I b. Prophase I c. Anaphase II d. Prophase II For the following questions, refer to diagram. Answers may be used once, more than once, or not at all: 11. Which demonstrates prophase I? 12. Which image demonstrates anaphase I? 13. Which image demonstrates metaphase I? 14. Where does crossing over occur? 15. Which demonstrates prophase II? 16. Which image demonstrates interphase I? 17. Which image demonstrates telophase I? 18. Which demonstrates cytokinesis II? 19. Which demonstrates homologous chromatids separating? 20. Which demonstrates homologous chromosomes separating? A B C D E AB AC AD AE...
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Ch13MC - a. Fertilization b. Mitosis c. DNA replication d....

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