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MAJOR THEMES OF AP BIOLOGY * Science as a Process of Inquiry Mendel’s pea plant experiments led to the discovery of the basic principles of heredity. He used a controlled experiment by breeding pea plants. The parental, true-breeding generation of purple and white pea plants were crossed first to produce an entirely purple flower generation (F1 generation). When two hybrid F1 plants were crossed, the ratio of purple plants to white plants was 3:1. Through the controlled genetic crosses of plants, Mendel concluded that there was a heritable factor that controlled the physical traits of pea plants. Mendel’s discovery could be applied to all organisms. *Evolution Evolution is driven by the heritable genetic code. Mendel’s theory that an unknown heritable factor could determine an organism’s characteristics led to other forms of genetic research. DNA might not have been discovered or researched if it weren’t for
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Unformatted text preview: Mendel’s preliminary experiments. Without Mendel, the theory of evolution could not be supported by evidence of a heritable factor. Variations within a population that drive evolution could not be explained without an understanding of alleles and segregation factors determined by Mendel. *Science, Technology and Society Today, we have many tools for genetic testing. Amniocentesis uses amniotic fluid sampling to determine whether or not the fetus has a genetic disorder, like Tay-Sachs disease. Other genetic screening tests can be used to diagnose a genetic disease before it becomes a health problem. Without the initial pea plant experiments performed by Mendel, these genetic disorders could not be explained, treated or prevented appropriately....
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