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Syllabus for 0906FIN_6159041 Faculty Contact Information Name: Dr. John M. Halstead Location: Connecticut, U.S.A. Office Hours: 9am to 11pm ET, 7 days a week, via e-mail or phone Phone: 860-563-0372 E-mail: [email protected] Course Introduction This 3-credit 12-week course begins on May 26, 2009 and ends August 22, 2009. The last day to withdrawn from the course without penalty is August 3, 2009. In this course we will study financial modeling. A financial model presents key financial and operational relationships within a company in mathematical terms. By manipulating variables within these mathematical expressions (equations), managers can answer “what if” questions, and by analyzing the degree of interdependence, or strength of relationship of the variables, make predictions about future performance. The predictive value of models enables companies to project financial outcomes prior to committing organizational resources. Financial models include financial statement proformas, budgets and forecasts, valuation and risk models, and ‘solver’ models that seek to find optimal solutions. In this course, we will use Microsoft Excel to develop models to use in financial management. Course Description (Formerly ADMN 632.) Prerequisite: FIN 610. An exploration of how financial managers use financial modeling, analysis, and research to build forecasts and projections, evaluate financial alternatives, and support financial decision making in both operational and strategic contexts. Models are developed using Microsoft Excel; exercises and extended case studies are utilized to interpret and employ results. Topics include financial statements and ratio analysis, cash flow forecasting, operations budgeting, breakeven and leverage analysis, time value of money applications, and capital budgeting and risk assessment.
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Students learn how to employ financial modeling in financial management operational and strategic decision-making. By the end of the course students should be able to: 1. Explain the role of financial modeling, analysis, and research as decision support tools in financial management. 2. Identify situations where spreadsheet models may support managerial decision-making. 3. Design, develop, and test financial spreadsheet models for decision support. 4. Apply validation and optimization techniques in financial models to improve decision making. 5. Employ existing models to find solutions to hypothetical business problems. 6. Assess the effectiveness of financial models as decision support tools for financial management. 7. Develop unique models to assist in one’s own work. Course Materials Click here to view the required and recommended materials to be purchased and to access ordering information. Graduate School's Read Me First Document
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Syllabus FIN 615 - Syllabus for 0906FIN_6159041 Faculty...

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