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Syllabus MGMT 650 - Syllabus for 0902MGMT6509042 Faculty...

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Syllabus for 0902MGMT6509042 Faculty Contact Information Dr. Traci Allotey E-mail: [email protected] Course Introduction Mgmt 650: Research Methods for Managers Spring 2009 January 26 - April 26 This is a 3 credit, 12 week course. Students may drop the course until two weeks prior to the last day of the course. NOTE: Spring 2009 Withdrawal Deadline Dates: Standard Online Session 1 Deadline -- April 12, 2009 Course Description (Formerly ADMN 638.) Prerequisite: Knowledge of the fundamentals of statistical research, including data collection techniques, presentation of data in tables and charts, basic descriptive statistics, basic probability distributions, normal distribution and sampling distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing. A presentation of techniques and methodologies related to the evaluation and utilization of organizational research and evaluation studies in making business decisions. Focus is on the analysis and interpretation of research-based materials developed by other individuals in assessing the performance of individuals, work groups, and organizations. Topics include principles of good research design, measurement, appropriate sample size, research instruments, procedures for collecting and analyzing data, and the evaluation and use of existing research-based materials in solving business problems. Various approaches to data collection (including the Internet) and usage that best serve the practical needs of the manager are provided.
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Course Goals/Objectives At the end of the course, students should be able to: 1. Analyze and critique business research and evaluation plans, including sampling plans, data collection instruments, and data analysis plans. 2. Use appropriate statistical methods to conduct applied business research. 3. Analyze and critique published research, evaluation articles, reports, and studies including research from online databases or the Internet. 4. Explain how research materials can be utilized in creating solutions to business problems. 5. Utilize business related research and organizational evaluations in solving business problems. Course Materials Click here to view the required and recommended materials to be purchased and to access ordering information. Graduate School's Read Me First Document Additional Readings/Materials This course uses an electronic interactive text , Quantitative Methods Course , published by Harvard Business School Publishing. Like all textbooks, this electronic text must be purchased by the student for successful completion of the course. To purchase the electronic text, students must visit http://elearninghome.hbsp.org/Saba/Web/Main and follow these instructions: Click on the "Sign up here link" under New Users in the lower right hand portion of the screen. Fill out the pop-up form. For the Organization ID # See information in classroom conference area.
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