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Tips for Taking HTM 2454 Online Quizzes 1. Exams will be completed online. 2. Exam Dates/Times : Please note the exam dates indicated on the course schedule. Each test will be posted from Wednesday at 12 NOON until Friday at 12 NOON. Students will be able to access the test throughout that period, but only for 30 minutes. It is HIGHLY recommended that you take the quizzes well before their expiration time in case of any possible technical difficulties (read: TAKE THEM BY THURSDAY). Once you have submitted the exam you will be unable to retrieve it a second time. If you have technical problems while taking your exam and get locked out before you have completed it, you have the option of contacting me via e-mail or telephone, coming in and taking a paper quiz (with different questions of course) before the quiz posting time has expired . 3. Please remember that the Virginia Tech Honor Code is in effect for this course . The quizzes are closed book and closed notes. 4. How to study : Use the study guides as your foundation. Then go over the
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Unformatted text preview: PowerPoint slides, the Points of Emphasis, and each chapter of the textbook. I provide lots of resources for lots of different types of learners since we aren't meeting in person. I highly recommend participating in the “Fun Forums” as well; they provide some direction in terms of topics I feel are important. Last but not least, Use the Discussion Board ! Post any questions you may have about the study guide, the PPT slides, or any other resource and I’ll be happy to respond to it. It’s also a great way to set up study groups and communicate with your colleagues. 5. Quiz format : Each 140 point quiz will include 14-20 multiple choice/matching type questions. Note that the first quiz covers a few more chapters than the others - that's primarily because the first chapters are a bit less "dense” with information and more introductory in nature than the others. Also, remember that chapter 6 is not covered in this course....
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