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Chapter 2 Review Question Answers 1. Identify and discuss features that distinguish corporate catering from social catering. Corporate catering involves building a clientele consisting of corporate and business accounts, either large or small. Because of the corporate world’s continual need for food at sponsored events, once a business relationship is established the corporate caterer does not have to engage in a bidding war against other caterers. Money is much more guaranteed than in social catering . Having the event held in a guest’s house is one distinguishing facet of social catering. A social caterer must never over promise anything that cannot be done. Clients may ask the caterer for special requests. At times, clients will be persistent. In every situation, the social caterer must remain in control and must be comfortable with saying to the client, “We are unable to do that.” 2. Describe some common attributes that a client may use to select a caterer. When a client selects a caterer, they should rely heavily on the caterer’s reputation stemming from the caterer’s past track record of delivering what was promised to each client. The client should use testimonials and portfolios to verify that the caterer exceeded the client’s expectations. Positive word-of-mouth comments from successful clients is also important. Additional criteria used for selecting the caterer such as “Can’t the caterer solve the problem?” and “Do they use contracts?” is presented in Figure 2-1 in the textbook. 3. Discuss why reputation is one of the most important attributes of a successful caterer. One of the most important considerations a client uses in his/her decision-making process is the caterer’s reputation; it is imperative that the caterer is reliable. There are four requirements to look for when choosing a caterer. a)
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