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Chapter 8 Review Question Answers 1. Describe why organizing is the third catering management function. The first function of catering, planning, involves creating the mission for the organization. Through the second function operations, the caterer identifies the needs and wants of customers into objectives that are then bundled into operational tasks. Organizing is the third function of catering because it provides a structure for utilizing the human capital and financial resources of an organization to obtain the stated objectives. 2. Explain how organizing helps accomplish the plan. Formal structure refers to the management design of the catering organization. Caterers design their organizations to help allocate and control resources. A strong, but flexible, formal structure must support the implementation of the caterer’s evolving strategy, as outlined in the catering plan. It must be responsive to incremental and sudden changes occurring in the internal organization and the external marketplace thus permitting the caterer to adapt to each client’s special needs. 3. Explain how a caterer organizes an event. Building an organizational structure with the flexibility to support the implementation of multiple-event plans centers on the major catering management task of organizing. The nuclei of these organizing tasks are creating the menu developing recipes writing specifications ordering receiving issuing producing transporting service. These major tasks are further divided into individual activities. These individual activities then support each individual catering function plan. 4.
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