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Chapter 5 Review Question Answers 1. Identify and define the seven fundamental catering functions The fundamental catering management functions include: a. Formulating a plan for the event b. Executing the operational tasks c. Organizing resources d. Matching equipment needs to the requirements of the food and service e. Implementing the plan f. Controlling the event by use of financial tools and predetermined standards g. Obtaining insurance coverage and ensuring all legal concerns are covered by a contract. 2. Explain why a caterer’s plan must flow from the mission statement. Planning is the basic catering-management function. A plan flows from the caterer’s mission statement. Ingredient for Success 15 states: “Every observable action exhibited by the caterer evolves from the public mission statement.” The successful caterer formulates and implements a plan based on competitive strategies deduced from the mission statement. 3. Discuss the difference between a caterer’s strategic plan and tactical plan. One purpose of a catering plan is to ensure a future orientation by the caterer. Second, a plan enables the caterer to establish achievable objectives. Third, a plan is a blueprint or a map.
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