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Chapter 4 Review Question Answers 1. Discuss why creating a solid customer base by attracting new customers is a continuous building process for a caterer. There are many good customers available in the market to build a solid base of support. The caterer must: understand his/her capabilities such as the production capacity of the kitchen understand the current skill level of the employee know and strictly adhere to the financial goals of the organization identify the menu requirements determine if the function is a social or corporate catering event accommodate the menu requirements. 2. Describe why it is important to understand customer needs before one begins to build a foundation consisting of a solid customer base. Customers have both physical and social needs. To fulfill a social need, the client may have an affiliation with an association or a group, The caterer must recognize that the client has esteem needs as well. Prestige, recognition and self expression are esteem needs a caterer much satisfy. In addition, understanding the customers’ needs is important in identifying whether the caterer’s skill base is appropriate for the targeted customer. A thorough analysis of need vs. available services would be important for the caterer to perform. 3. Discuss why it is a challenge for a caterer to translate customer needs into a package of tangible products and intangible services the caterer must implement to exceed a customer’s desires. Translating a customer’s message is vital. Adequately composing the right combination of food and service to exceed these needs, wants and demands is the challenge. To ensure success, the caterer responds by asking the customer clarifying questions. These clarifying questions help the caterer to translate the customer’s requests to produce a synergetic combination of results which will exceed the customer’s expectations. 4.
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