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Chapter 1 Review Question Answers 1. Identify and discuss features that distinguish on-premise catering from off- premise catering. On-premise catering indicates that the function is held exclusively within your own facility. Off-premise catering is accomplished exclusively by the caterer. The caterer transports all of the food, serving products, additional items contracted, and all personnel to a location other than the building or facility where the food is prepared. 2. Define catering management . Discuss and provide examples of how catering fits into three general classifications of the food service industry. Catering management may be defined as the task of planning organizing controlling. Catering management is executed in many diverse ways within the three segments: the commercial segment the noncommercial segment the military segment. 3. Identify and discuss different types of catering events which may occur on- premise and/or off-premise. On-premise catering may include: hospitals high school/elementary schools private or non-profit (i.e., fired station halls) university/college campuses. Off-premise catering may include: supermarkets dual restaurant-catering private parties conventions weddings.
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4. Identify eight (+) ways restaurateurs benefit from catering off-premise events. Restaurateurs benefit from catering off-premise events by:
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