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CHAPTER SIX REVIEW QUESTION ANSWERS 1. Explain why the planning function is the first catering management task. Formulating a plan is a beginning point to the successful execution of a catering event. Planning can be very hectic at times, but a well-formulated plan will serve the caterer well. A successful caterer is one who is well organized through planning. 2. Explain why successful caterers are well focused and organized. Keeping multiple events organized and straight requires a successful caterer to be well focused and organized. Each event must have an independent subplan based on client needs and the caterer’s strategic plan. It is a challenge to bundle events due to individual expectations. 3. Discuss the four basic questions experienced caterers always think about when planning for their future events. Experienced caterers are concerned with the following questions: 1) What is going to happen? 2) How is it going to happen? 3) Where is it going to happen? 4) When is it going to happen? And, the successful caterer makes sure it happens – as planned! 4. Discuss why a budget is a key factor when a caterer is formulating a catering plan. During the initial planning process, financial objectives are important. Most caterers cater for financial gain of some kind. To create financial objectives for an event, a caterer will start with a budget. The budget is a financial plan used to set the parameters for each event. Each event will have its own budget that reflects the needs of the client. 5. Identify the basic menu formats used by a caterer. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each format. What factors would influence a caterer’s decision to use each format? First a caterer will construct a new menu based solely on the needs, wants and
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