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Chapter 10 Review Question Answers 1. Define the term service as it relates to catering management. To ensure a consistent delivery of service , a caterer must define service as it applies to the mission of their operation. Even though a caterer cannot satisfy every need in the marketplace, by setting a clear direction through the mission statement, a caterer can begin the ongoing process of maintaining a professional service staff. The maintenance and continuation of a professional staff are major objectives a caterer must establish as part of the overall plan. Only through planning and setting service objectives can the caterer maintain a professional staff. 2. Discuss how service plays and important role in satisfying customer needs at the front-of-the-house. Defining service so that each employee understands his/her role, is its delivery system. Servers should not just react to customer needs, but anticipate them. Returning to the table with a pitcher of water to check on the guests is perceived as better service than waiting for client to ask for more water. Making sure tables are properly set with enough serving utensils and napkins is better service than seating guests and having to bring more utensils. The more you can anticipate guests’ needs, the less you will have to react to them. That is good service. 3. Explain how a customer is directly involved in the service activities of the caterer. Prospective clients challenge a caterer to create new and exciting themes, menus, and reasons for events. Unexpected situations challenge the caterer. Creative solutions must be instantaneously implemented for maximum effect. In looking at the service delivery systems, clients are also involved in the service of a meal if the service type offers that opportunity. Buffets involve the customer in many ways – choice of food; delivery of food; portion control, etc. 4. Explain how a caterer can build a reputation based on service. To build a strong reputation, the caterer must have highly trained employees and continual training programs. When planning the details of each event, the caterer must include specific training needs in each plan. Either a review or a new training
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