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Chapter 12 Review Question Answers 1. Describe why insurance and legal concerns are important to the caterer. To protect the caterer’s intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of being in business, catering management decisions regarding insurance and legal issues must be made. Ingredient for Success #41: “The creation and maintenance of the right insurance and legal package, based on the mission of the organization, will protect the caterer against any unpredictable crisis.” 2. Explain intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic rewards are those that the caterer experiences as a result of executing the event. Extrinsic rewards are those that the caterer experiences outside of the event itself. The financial reward of executing a catering event is but one example. 3. Describe why the caterer must develop and implement the right insurance and legal program. A crisis catering management team can help resolve the immediate needs of the situation. However, a well-designed insurance package and legal program will help to protect the long-term interest of the caterer. 4. Explain how a caterer can avoid, transfer or reduce risk. A caterer can implement a plan that helps to avoid risk by eliminating all circumstances which cause it. Risk can also be reduced. For example, a caterer can have a sprinkler system or a central alarm system that may have reduced the risk of
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