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Supplemental Reading: Vivaldo How did the author of “So you think you want to be a caterer?” start her home-based catering business? What are the author’s 10 rules to being successful in the catering business? Supplemental Reading: Ismail, Chapter 1 Booking cycle Conference center Open sell versus free sell DMP and CMP Staffing for outside (i.e. off-premise) catering Supplemental Reading: Ismail, Chapter 2 SMERF
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Unformatted text preview: Catering sales tools Knowledge of facility Prime selling time Lost business reports Supplemental Reading: Ismail, Chapter 6 The sales triangle Sphere of influence Solicitation sources Commission for third party leads The rapport triangle Supplemental Reading: Ismail, Chapter 7 Relationship of goals, features, and advantages Phases of a business opportunity Cancellation policies Attrition clause...
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