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NAME: (Print): ___________________________ I have neither provided nor have I received unauthorized assistance on this exam. NAME (Signature): _________________________ INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE (A) FST 2014 April 5, 2006 MULTIPLE CHOICE (24) Select the word or phrase that correctly completes the following sentences by circling its letter. 1. a) Xylitol b) Saccharin c) Acesulfame K d) None of the above provides both a sweet taste as well as cooling sensation in the mouth when used as a food ingredient. 2. The a) primary b) secondary c) tertiary d) none of the above structure is not affected when proteins are denatured during heat processing. 3. a) Maltodextrin b) Pectin c) Polydextrose d) Microcrystaline cellulose is a fat replacer used to avoid a dry mouth impression in the mouth following consumption. 4. The isoelectric point of casein occurs at pH a) 4.6 b) 5.6 c) 6.6 d) none of the above. 5. Diet ( Lite ) cola beverages sweetened with aspartame also usually contain small amounts of a) glucose b) sucrose c) fructose d) high fructose corn syrup. 6. The minimum water activity necessary for mold growth is a) 0.85 b) 0.70 c) 0.55 d) 0.40. 7. In the example I provided showing two containers of Welch’s White Grape Juice, the one container had turned a dark brown color due to a) improper processing by Welch’s b) oxidation (oxygen) reactions c) presence of food spoilage bacteria
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2014ExamA-04-05-2006 - NAME: (Print): _ I have neither...

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