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ECE 1100 – INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING HOMEWORK #9 – Shattuck Sections Due Date: Week of November 17, 2003 Form a team with 4 or 5 members. Build a radio. It should be able to receive at least one AM radio station. Demonstrate the radio to Dr. Dave. A sign-up sheet of available time slots will be available, posted on Dr. Dave’s office door, soon. The names of the team members are determined at the time that you sign for a slot. No new members can be added after that time. For the demonstration, you may set up your radio anywhere within 200 yards of Dr. Dave’s office. At the time of your demonstration, you must submit a written report, signed
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Unformatted text preview: by all members of your team. This report must include a brief explanation about how your radio works. This report must include what you did, and how. • Each member of your team must contribute in some way to the project. Your report must detail what tasks each member performed. I will ask each member what every other member did. If it is clear that someone did not contribute, the team grade will be reduced. • For the written report, neatness counts. One copy of the report, per team, is required. • All team members must be present for the demonstration. Significant credit will be deducted if all team members are not present for the demonstration....
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