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ECE1100_hw_turnin_instr_Shattuck - to write in order the...

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ECE 1100 Shattuck Section Homework Submission Instructions The following are instructions for turning in homework assignments: 1) Use 8.5” by 11” paper. 2) Staple the pages together at the upper left. 3) After completing your homework assignment, fold the paper(s) in half, length- wise. 4) Once folded, place the folded paper(s) down on a flat surface with the paper “crease” on the left. 5) Once paper crease is on the left, use the “middle third” of the of outer-most sheet
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Unformatted text preview: to write in order the following: i. Your name ii. ECE 1100 iii. Section # iv. Homework assignment number v. Due date of homework assignment Failure to follow the above instructions will result in a reduction of the grade for the homework assignment in question. Homework turned in after the due date and time will receive a grade of zero (0)....
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