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BEHAVIOR QUESTION: 1982 L PETERSON/AP BIOLOGY Define and explain the role of each of the following in social behavior: a. Territoriality b. Dominance hierarchies c. Courtship behavior STANDARDS: maximum = 6 points for each section note: must answer all 3 sections of question to go above 12 points TERRITORIALITY - 6 points maximum DEFINITION: subdivision of resources on a spatial basis area established & defended (marking, singing, etc.) usually involves males of same species max 4) ROLE: influences population density ritualistic behavior mating or nesting or feeding / elaboration (max 3) EXAMPLE: (1 point) DOMINANCE HIERARCHIES - 6 points maximum DEFINITION: members of a group ranked according to status or relative superiority status must be sought on own status may be changed in course of time behavior suggests size & strength (i.e. large/small, old/young, male/female) (max 4) ROLE: reduces aggression, established order & stability influences resources among popultion (food, water, etc.) first choice of mating subordinate remains to obtain food, avoid predators, chance to mate (max 4) EXAMPLE: (1 point) COURTSHIP BEHAVIOR - 6 points maximum DEFINITION: series of programmed displays & movements may be visual w/elaboration (1) may be auditory w/elaboration (1) may be olfactory w/elaboration (1) (max 3) ROLE: advertize sexually receptive individuals inhibit aggression of prospective mate
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