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Upgrade #8: Cells phone drivers 2 points A recent study released in January of 2007 by the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. showed statistics for driving while on a cell phone. The survey was conducted by randomly calling resident drivers within a large metropolitain area. Total sample size was 1200. The survey revealed that 73% of respondents said that they talked on the cell phone while driving. A local study showed that 75% of Austinites drive while on the cell phone.
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Unformatted text preview: Are Austinites the same as the drivers in the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. study? Be sure to back up your response with numerical reasoning give me some values, not equations. Based on your finding, can you conclude that Austinites are better or worse drivers than say New York? (You must answer both questions in your response) NOTE: Remember to comment on a fellow classmates interpretation for full credit....
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