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review question answers - C HIN 252 Midterm 1 (Part I):...

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CHIN 252 Midterm 1 (Part I): Answers to Review Questions 1. Four 2. 3. Surname 4. 221 BC 5. Qin Shi Huang 6. Because they are based on pictographs and not on an alphabet 7. Vietnamese 8. Pinyin 9. c – ts ; q – ch; z – dz; zh – i; x – sh 10. Rumors can at times cover up reality; if 3 people say something is true, then it is likely that it is true 11. An “arr” sound 12. First find the radical (based on how many strokes it has), then count the remaining strokes 13. The earlier the character, the more general the name 14. 4 15. 1 16. 4 17. 3 18. 2 19. 2,3 20. Zhi, hui, xi, ci 21. Zh, ch, sh 22. J, q, x 23. Longshan culture had rice cultivation, small-scale silk production, cities instead of villages, patriarchal; Yangshao culture was matriarchal and had no warfare 24. Nu Gua, Fu Xi 25. Around the Yellow River 26. Gave it to the worthiest man and not their immediate family (son) 27. Nu Gua 28. Yellow River 29. He helped with the development of calligraphy 30. Origin of silk 31. Xia 32. Shun 33. Shang 34. 2 nd Millennium BCE 35. Middle flourishing, the restoration of the strength of a dynasty through rebellion 36. Yu the Great 37. Anyang (at that time called Yin) 38. Late Shang – Wu3 Ding1 39. Wife of Wu3 Ding1; (1) dug up her tomb (2) inscribed oracle bones artifact unearthed at Yinxu 40. Zhou Wu2 Wang 41. Jiang1 Tai4 gong1 42. Fishing with a straightened or missing hook 43. Xia Dynasty 44. Beautiful women, lover/concubine of kings, and all brought downfall of man 45. Cheng2Tang1 (founder of Shang Dynasty) 46. Mandate of Heaven 47. The Shu Jing (The Book of Documents) 48. Book of Changes 49. Zhou Dynasty; Zhou1 You1 Wang2 50. Japanese 51. He had a dream about a man who should be his prime minister and described that guy, had his men sketch him, and went to go look for him 52. Tasted hundreds of herbs to test their medical value and wrote a book on it 53. 3 Dynasties Xia4, Shang1, Zhou1 54. Yu the Great 55. He was remarkably filial; he served his parents faithfully after several attempts to kill him
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56. Nu Gua, Fu Xi 57. Cang1Jie2 – modeled after patterns of bird’s feet in the sand 58. The Golden Age; Yao2 Dynasty 59. He lit the beacon fires to summon help from the vassals because it made Bao Si happy, but he did it so many times that when he actually needed help, no
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review question answers - C HIN 252 Midterm 1 (Part I):...

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