Chem 101 Book Answers (Ch.4)

Chem 101 Book Answers (Ch.4) - Chapter 4 The Ionic Bond 1....

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Chapter 4 The Ionic Bond 4-1 1. Define the term “isoelectronic”. Two atoms are isoelectronic when they have the same electron configuration. 3. Which of the following compounds are ionic? a) KCN b) HNO 2 c) CoPO 4 d) NH 4 NO 2 Ionic compounds contain either a metal or the ammonium ion, so a, c and d are ionic. 5. How can the number of electrons involved in metals and nonmetals achieving noble gas configurations be predicted for the main group (A Groups) elements? The number of electrons gained by a nonmetal is eight minus its group number. The number lost by a metal is equal to its group number. 7. Oxygen can have a positive oxidation state when bound to only one element. What is the element? Use orbital energies to explain why this is so. Fluorine in the only element with priority over oxygen that forms a negative ion. When O and F bond, F is –1, so O must be positive. The compound they form is OF 2 , in which case the O is +2. The reason is that fluorine is the only element that is more electronegative, which means that its valence orbitals are lower in energy than those on O. Consequently, the bonding electrons are assigned to the fluorine when assigning oxidation states. 9. Which element in each pair that would have the positive oxidation state. a) N & O b) Cl & P c) S & Sn d) K & N The less electronegative element will have the positive oxidation state: N, P, Sn, and K 11. Write electron configurations for the following ions. Use the noble gas core abbreviations.
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Chem 101 Book Answers (Ch.4) - Chapter 4 The Ionic Bond 1....

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