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Feb06 Drayton-Banerjee-Kim ECE 5613 RF/Microwave Circuit Design Laboratory Power Characterization Lab A. Network Analyzer Power I 1. Setting up the power meter and network analyzer: a. Calibrate the power sensor and power meter: Attach the HP 8485A Power Sensor to the HP 437B Power Meter via the N-type connector. Attach one end of the connecting cable to the 8485A power sensor and the other to the 437B power meter. Press the preset button. Then press enter (this will clear anything stored by the previous user). Next, press the zero key. When the machine is finished zeroing, press shift then zero ( cal). Then press enter . Press shift then ( PWR REF) . Now the power meter is ready. b. Connect the power sensor to the source: Detach the power sensor from the 3.5mm to N adapter (leave the N-type connector on the power meter). Use a APC-7 to 3.5 mm(female) adapter found in your cal kit and connect it directly to port 1 of the 8753D/8753B Network Analyzer. Then, connect the sensor to port 1. c.
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