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Lab3_Networks_Stubs_2006 - ECE 5613 RF/Microwave Circuit...

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Mar06 Drayton-Kim ECE 5613 RF/Microwave Circuit Design Laboratory Matching Networks and Tuning Stubs Lab 1. Quarter-Wave Matching Network There is a PC board in the toolbox, which is made to match a 25-ohm resistor to a 50-ohm line at 2 GHz. Measure and model this circuit. Does this circuit behave as expected? Explain your answer both qualitatively and quantitatively. 2. Asymmetric Stubs Another PC Board ( ε r=4.78) in the toolbox was made to zero the conductance of a 5.6nH inductor at 1.25GHz. Measure and model the circuit. Does this circuit behave as expected? If not, explain why. Modify the circuit with copper tape to tune to the correct frequency if necessary. Document your tuned asymmetric stub-matching network. Write down the dimension of the circuit after tuning. Note : to measure just inductor and matching stub, use the electrical display option on the network analyzer. (a) Calculate the effective dielectric constant of the microstrip line.
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