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Jan06 Drayton ECE 5613 RF/Microwave Circuit Design Laboratory Filters Lab Application : Filters are important signal discriminators of information traveling in space within a communication system. First order filtering occurs with the antenna. Next, additional signal restrictions are imposed by the system in order to limit the amount of distortion and noise being distributed though the network prior to processing. Purpose : We will study two types of microstrip filters: (a) lowpass and (b) bandpass. The objective of this lab is to develop an understanding for the realization of both filter types at RF/microwave frequencies and to evaluate the performance in standard FR4 printed circuit board and in a low loss Duroid equivalent material. A. Microstrip Filters All measurements require a 2-Port calibration on the network analyzer across the entire bandwidth of the system. Design and modeling will be done using Agilent’s ADS and LineCalc. The range of impedances should be limited to between 20 – 100 ohms.
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