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Jan06 Drayton ECE 5613 RF/Microwave Circuit Design Laboratory Power Dividers Lab Application : Power dividers are necessary to split or combine electrical signals. While the specific division can be arbitrary, equal splitting is the most common type of divider implemented. In high frequency applications, the designs are based on planar transmission lines that must provide the same functionality as low frequency resistive network designs. Purpose : We will design an equal split Wilkinson power dividers based on the microstrip configuration. A. Microstrip Wilkinson Divider All measurements require a 2-Port calibration on the network analyzer across the entire bandwidth of the system. Design and modeling will be done using Agilent’s ADS and LineCalc. 1. Design and generate a layout for a 2-inch 50-ohm microstrip line on FR4 printed circuit board material. Use 2 GHz as the center frequency. Assume thickness of 62.5 mils, relative dielectric constant of 4.78, tan δ of 0.015 and 1 oz copper (thickness of
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