run_sliding - C n=2^16 n open'rx_sliding_IF o...

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% clear; Fs=192e6*2; F IF_amp=1.0; RF_freq=24e6; IF_freq=2e6; LO2_ratio=1/4; LO1=(RF_freq-IF_freq)/(1+LO2_ratio); LO2=LO1*LO2_ratio; SQ1=1; % first LO is square or sine (1= square, and 0= sine) SQ2=1; % second LO is square or sine (1= square, and 0= sine) GE=2; % gain error in LO2 in dB PE=5; % phase error in LO2 in degrees P Cf=0.0001e-15; % input sampling capacitor to emulation bandlimited white noise
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Unformatted text preview: C n=2^16; n open('rx_sliding_IF'); o sim('rx_sliding_IF'); s [pxx,f]=psd(IF_I+j*IF_Q,n,Fs,n,n/2); [pxx2,f2]=psd(RF+j*RF,n,Fs,n,n/2); plot(f/1e6,10*log10(pxx/length(pxx)),'b',f2/1e6,10*log10(pxx2/length(pxx)),'r'); axis([0 Fs/1e6 -65 0]) a...
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