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Design Goals - There are certain places that the GPS...

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Design Goals: The smart card must have a mass storage that would be able to store all the data. Moreover, it should also be able to read and write to itself depending on the update of the new location. The microcontroller must fully programmed so it should be about to communicate with other devices such GPS, and Wi-Fi for the purpose of transferring collected data from the smart card to the station. Design Concerns: We plan to make this device as small as possible, around a size of a cell phone or smaller than it. Moreover, the biggest concern for this project is the exact location of the card-holder.
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Unformatted text preview: There are certain places that the GPS signals are not available and the Wi-Fi signals are also not available; therefore, it’s very hard to locate where exactly the smart card is. In case of emergency, the rescue squad will take longer time to get to the place because of the unknown location. Nevertheless, the updating period of the location is also another concern. We have to decide when would be the perfect updating period; we don’t want to update it very often because it would cost a lot of power, but if we don’t update often, the location will not be accurate....
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