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lab 4 analysis - Different organelles within a cell can be...

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Pinkey Rahman (pr5989) Bio205 L Lab4: Prokaryotic Cell Analysis 1-3) look at the graph attached 4) The specific growth rate constant can me calculated by determining the slope of the best-fit straight line on the graph that plots ln (O.D) as a function of time. So, Specific Growth rate constant, K= slope of f(x)=0.0097 5) Doubling time= 0.6931k =0.69391(0.0097)= 0.0067minutes 6) V.natriegens had a lag time of about minutes. After adjusting to their new environment for about 12 minutes, they began growing exponentially. This is demonstrated by the trend line on Graph 3 because between 12 and 120 minute, the bacterial growth rate tends to increase at a constant rate (the exponential phase). 7) Characteristic of cells identified using non- stained culture Characteristic of cells identified using stained culture Mitochondria Large microorganism with color and contrast If has a cell wall (crystal violet) Natural behavior of live organism can be observed
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Unformatted text preview: Different organelles within a cell can be observed because subtle staining differences occur between one organelle or cell and another Since cells are motile so the interaction between cells can be easily observed Transparent microorganisms The natural color of the cell can be witnessed The quantity of cells can be more accurately counted because of the lack of motility 8) Advantages of OD measurements Advantages of direct count Simple and faster process: take a sample, press button to measure O.D. and discard the sample More accurate estimate when counting in a homogeneous mixture Less work needed Cheaper to stain and count than to spend money on spectrophotomers. Cost and time efficient Not in direct contact with the bacteria while counting so much safer process Reduces strain on eyes from looking through a microscope Less chances of error, most work is done by the spectrophotometer...
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