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Unformatted text preview: Poseidon and Athena Poseidon 9/14/2009 Poseidon (Neptune) Poseidon God of seas/waterways and God earthquakes earthquakes Greek name of doubtful origin, Greek but very old; possibly related to a root that means ‘river’ or ‘drink’ ‘drink’ – But it may also mean ‘lord of But earth’ earth’ Roman name from a root Roman meaning ‘moist’ meaning Common epithet: ‘earthshaker’ Usually shown bearded, armed Usually with trident with – Often with son, Triton Not well developed in myth Children of Poseidon Children Thetis – Peleus, Achilles Polyphemus – Galatea, Acis – Odyssey Athena (Minerva) Athena Goddess of war, Goddess crafts/weaving, and wisdom; virgin goddess virgin Origin of Greek name unclear, Origin but very old but Roman name seems related to Roman root meaning ‘to remember’ Common epithets: ‘Tritogeneia’, ‘bright-eyed’, ‘parthenos’, ‘Pallas’ ‘parthenos’, Appearance: young woman, Appearance: usually armed for battle; sometime...
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