Lecture 7 ('09)(2)

The amazons vs symbolism triumph of symbolism order

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Unformatted text preview: machy centauromachy North side: sack of Troy East side: gigantomachy West side: West amazonomachy (‘battle vs. the Amazons’) vs. – Symbolism: triumph of Symbolism: order over chaos, west over east over Athens over Persia Athens Parthenon Parthenon Sculptural program Sculptural (frieze) (frieze) – Procession during the Procession Panathenaia, a festival honoring Athena honoring Parthenon Parthenon Sculptural program Sculptural (frieze) (frieze) – Procession (cont.) – Delivery of sacred Delivery robe (peplos) robe Parthenon Parthenon Cult statue of Athena Cult Parthenos Parthenos – Chryselephantine – Fashioned by Pheidias Athena and Arachne Athena Ovid’s Ovid’s Metamorphoses Metamorphoses Weaving contest Arachne’s hybris Arachne’s hybris (‘arrogance’) (‘arrogance’) Arachnids = ‘spiders’ Arachnids (cf. arachnophobia) (cf....
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