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Lecture 11 ('09) - Quiz Quiz Quiz Quiz 1 What sanctuary is...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Quiz 9/23/2009 Quiz Quiz 1. What sanctuary is depicted? Which god is worshipped here? Quiz Quiz 1. What are the stone statues of Hermes What called? called? 2. Apollo and Artemis killed whose 14 Apollo children? children? 3. Daphne turns into what kind of tree? 4. What is the name of the offspring of What Hermes and Aphrodite? Hermes Hermes (Mercury) Hermes Hermes (Mercury) Hermes God of travelers, merchants, God thieves, and boundaries; messenger of the gods messenger Greek name comes from word Greek meaning ‘stone’ / ‘column’ (herma); Roman name comes ); from word meaning ‘money’ Cf. commerce Appearance: a young man, Appearance: often wearing traveling hat (petasus) and winged sandals and (talaria) and carrying a wand and (caduceus) Common epithet: Argeiphontes Common (‘slayer of Argus’); psychopompos (‘escort of psychopompos souls’) souls’) Homeric Hymn to Hermes Homeric Playful hymn Hermes the cattle Hermes thief thief Invention of the lyre A cunning and crafty cunning figure figure Herms Herms Boundary markers Boundary and symbols of fertility; also apotropaic apotropaic Cf. images of Priapus A strange episode: strange the mutilation of the herms in 415 BC herms Alcibiades Portended disaster for Portended Athens Athens Salmacis and Hermaphroditus Salmacis Ovid’s Ovid’s Metamorphoses Metamorphoses Salmacis the lusty Salmacis wood nymph wood Two become one Etiology for Etiology hermaphrodites hermaphrodites ...
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