Lecture 13 ('09)

Iambe in the hymn procession ritual fasting cf

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Unformatted text preview: Procession to Eleusis, with ritual jesting along route (cf. Iambe in the hymn) Procession Ritual fasting (cf. Demeter’s refusal of food/drink) Drinking of sacred drink (kykeon) to break the fast kykeon) to Some type of dramatic pageant, the content of which is unknown The revelation of some sacred object(s) by the Hierophant (‘the revealer of The sacred things’), the identity of which is unknown sacred presumably this concerned the immortality of the soul and its better situation in presumably the hereafter for those who have seen/learned the secrets of the mysteries the The Eleusinian Mysteries The “Blessed is he of men on earth who has Blessed seen these things, but whoever is uninitiated in the mysteries, whoever has no part in them, never has a share of the same joys when he is dead below the dank gloom.” (Hymn to Demeter 480-482) gloom.”...
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