Nutrition Syllabus Fall 09

Nutrition Syllabus Fall 09 - Science of Nutrition HUN1201...

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HUN1201 Florida State University Course Information: Course section: 10 Credit Hours: 03 Meeting Times: MWF 12:20-1:10 Meeting Place: HCB 316 Teaching Assistant Information: Office: 403 Sandals Building e-mail: Office Hours: MW 11-12 or by appointment Materials: Text: Understanding Nutrition th edition Students who plan to pursue a major in Nutrition, Food and Exercise or other health related area should plan to keep this text book . Course Pack: is available from Target Copy Center , 635 W. Tennessee St. (224-3007). Course Description: The Science of Nutrition covers elements of nutrition and factors influencing the ability of individuals to maintain good nutritional status. The course enables students to conceptualize connections between nutrition science and allied sciences such as basic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology in discussions such as the scientific method of investigation as a means of understanding nutrition. Emphasis is placed on the use of scientific evidence to determine nutrient needs, compare procedures for testing the validity of possible explanations for a hypothesis related to nutrient needs, and critically evaluate the type of nutrition information gained from animal experiments versus human experiments Learning Objectives: 1. Distinguish between fraudulent claims, half truths and principles of nutrition as recognized by the scientific community. 2. Explain the connection between scientific research and dietary recommendations made for the public including the Dietary Reference Intakes, Daily Values on food labels and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 3. Become familiar with the nutrient composition of foods by knowing My Pyramid, the exchange system and using computerized food composition tables. 4. Explain the mechanisms by which nutrients enter the body and how the body uses nutrients. 5.
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Nutrition Syllabus Fall 09 - Science of Nutrition HUN1201...

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