lecture 10-28-09

lecture 10-28-09 - -wisks her to his room where helen is...

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iliad book 1 menice- means wrath the whole poem is about achilles rage, and who its directed towards - the way honor worked in this period, is the amount of spoils you get out of the war. -achilles gets less than agamemnon because although hes a better warrior, he's not as politically savvy. - chryseis, daughter of crisis, priestess to apollo agamemnon loses chryseis and then takes briseis from achilles -if achilles goes to war, he's going to die young and die with great honor, or he could not go to war, life a boring life, and die old - thetis asks zeus for aid to protect achilles, zeus makes it known that if achilles doesn't fight, the greeks will lose, so the greeks basically have to go begging for him. Book 3 -menelaus and paris fight one on one for helen -menelaus is a badass, paris is a good archer, but he's not good at sword stuff and knives -menelaus is on the verge of killing paris, but aphrodite comes and sweeps paris away, aphrodite favors paris because he chose her as the most beautiful
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Unformatted text preview: -wisks her to his room, where helen is waiting, calling him a coward, telling him he needs to either die or kill menelaus, but then they do it Book 5 -Divine internection is pretty direct and common in the iliad, the gods kind of use humans as their puppets -aphrodite and ares are both on the chariot, and diomedes wounds the both of them, which is pretty much a big deal, so he got his moment of glory for a little while - theomachia refers to gods fighting in battle Book 6-super juicy loveliness Book 16 patroclus puts on achilles' armor, gets murked by hector, achilles goes back in battle to kill hector. no notes for book 18 book 22: in the iliad, greek battles are depicted as a force of momentum, rather than a test of individual skill to the warriers achilles faces hector in single battle -dei(two dots over the i)phobus, hectors brother book 24: it's overrrr POST ILIADIC EVENTS death of penthesilea death of achilles, shot in the heel (only place where he isnt mortal) by paris...
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lecture 10-28-09 - -wisks her to his room where helen is...

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