Statistics_2_-_Fall_2002_-_Adhikari_-_Midterm - Stat 2 Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Stat 2 Fall on a-irnTEnt-r EXAM _' a. ashikarr NAME: srn; lie-“re tel {as IT tannansi TA {eirele one}: Catherine Ian James floseplrf'l Na Shabhir Stephanie Time of section [eirele one]: ll] 11 1 2 3 Instructions. Provide ONLY your final answers on these pages. No aerateh work please. You may fill in a blank with the letters NA (which stand for “not. available”) if you think that. an answer eannot be obtained with the in formation given. If a problem says. “Find a formula for " prmride a numerical formula. lf a problem asks for an apprrnrhnation1 give the best approximation you ean based on the methods of this eonrse. li a problem contains options numbered Ifij. {ii}! and so on, eirele the eerr'ee-t ehoiee and fill in the nor-responding blank if I here is one. “Tong, ineornplete, or ambiguous answers will receive I] points. A die will be rolled {all} times. \/ 1. Find a formula for I he ehanee. of getting exaetljr iii-4 sixes. .I'-" A In '-.- ! trip“ ii" 1' IM-fifl‘r. a; . I-J If The SD ofuheights of men in the United States is if) inehes. 2. 'The SD of heights of all people in the United States is [piek g i; option) [ii less than 2.!) inches. {iii equal to it] inehes. ore than 2.9 inehes. Among the faces of a die. “mnltip[es of three” are the faces with 3 and ti spots. 5‘5. die will he rolled repeatedly. Here are two events: ' l-I-vent I'. There are fewer than 25“ multiples of three in ltiiiil rolls. / J-jveni ll; There are fewer than 3-5 multiples of three in ltlti rolls. 3. Pick one t'iption: [ii Fvent I is more likely than Hvenl. ll. {iiii rl'iie two events have the same ehanee. " _'| vent 11 is more liitel}r than Eveni 1. Over the last. ten venrs. the heights of mothers who have given birt;l at a twain-Lat mun .1 yer-ago of [it int-hes and an '51} of ‘21-] inches. Their newborns have an average weiflit of '13 pounds and an SD of 1.1 pounds. rl'he. shatter diagram of the two inriahies is football shaped and the ei'irrelation is [l_."if-}. 4. 3'5. mother is on the 35th pereentile of heights. "the regression estimate of her newborn‘s weight is approximately the 1441". pereentile of weights. 5. 'The of the regression line. for estimating newborn‘s weight based on i'rtot.he[‘a_; huig'm : __ WHE- l‘r'!E :tC Irrr- __ . [You must provide units.) of ii. The intereept of the regression line for estimating newborn’s weight based on mother‘s height = _ 2,. I-i- .4135 . . {You must provide units.) [if T. "the error of the regression estimate of newborns weight based on mother‘s height =- r- "-‘i pounds. v 8. the about not {it of the newborns, the regression estimate of their weight based on / mother’s height is off by more than '1 .5 pounds. I Q. fitment fifty pereent of the newborns weigh between [i pounds and 1‘03 _ lrt'iluldrfi. The table heiow givee the dietrihution of weekly wages of employees in a tnteineaa. lntervala include the right endpoint but not the left. 1i’ou oan aaautne the wage-3 are evenljv diet-rihu ted within each bar. 1-"; histogram of the distribution will he drawn haeed On this table. percent of employees 30 4-Cl- V"! 1U. The height of the [1—3 bar = (You must provide unite.) / 11. For thia dietril'nitionl eirele the amaller v tie [eirele holh 11' you think thev are equal]: average weekly wage median weekly wage a deeit eonalete ol' 5|] earde ll] eaeh ol' the noiot'e yellow, hluet green, purple, and red. Eleven cards are dealt at random without replacement. Find the ehanee of each of the following three events: 12. rl'he eleventh. eard dealt ie hlne: MG 13. The firet three cards are all of the same eolor: 0- Dill“? q‘x‘ai 14. There is at least one green eard among the first four earda: “my-i 9‘- r't roulette wheel her: 33 poelceta 13 of whieh are red! 18 hlaelt, and 2 green. Eaeh Student in a large- etatiatiea elaea will epin the wheel 380 times and note the number of tiniea each eolor appear-a. 3‘5. aeatter diagram 1will he drawn 1wilh one ptitint lot eaeh student. The horizontal axie rept'eeente the number of times the Student sees “blank.” The vertical axle t'epreeente the number of tunes the student .ar_~ee “red.” V) 15. The eerrelation in thie eeatter diagram lh' expeeted to he [pieli one option) {i} —1 [ii] fl tiii] 1 {ivl positive but not 1 negative h u L. not —1 A het pays 5:1 to 1 and there is 1 ehanee iii ft to win. Suppose you place $1 repeatedly on thie het. Final“- or appt'oxlinal e. the ehattee lltal Corrie out. ahead {that the hat-'e a net gain greater the H m, ll'; 15. van hot 3 times: rI . triage 9' or :‘,%3 . _ ~ ._ 5 Jr 17. You het 15E] times.- ar 5.3-: . C._ '3 ,' *..L' ‘(i 5 "T5 'E A l fillal l 5 J 5 A hiaeetl eoin larttia heads. with ehanee 1 in Ellllll. 'l‘he eoin will he toeeed titlflt'l times.- V! 18. The expeeteel number of heads = “l' v’f 19. The standard error for the number of heade = tr‘i’l'i . 20. Pick one option: The prohahilitv histogram for the number of heada in dtlllll toesee of thin eoin . rt he well approximated hv the normal curve. A” - n ) . - 'I2 a- 'TN’. t; -- {ii} eannot he well approximated l:+_v the normal enrve. l H— ' M {iii} eannet he eompared to the normal eurer with the information given. [ +1 'r t. it?“ SW 1 a .- fif' fill-1’" 1:5 .1 U2 filly _o.. “7545? (use 51:15) .2 soft??? ) ...
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Statistics_2_-_Fall_2002_-_Adhikari_-_Midterm - Stat 2 Fall...

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