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Water soluble -receptor on membrane (membrane bound) -ADH --binds to receptor on membrane & activates receptor --2 nd messenger sys. camp --receptor is attached to G protein (G protein coupled receptor) – activated receptor activates G protein --G protein travels in membrane & activates protein, adenylate cyclase (AC) --activated AC takes ATP & breaks it into camp --cAMP takes protein kinase A & activates it – PKA can further activate protein 2, which activates protein 3, etc. etc. (AMPLIFICATION PART*****) --one hormone binds to one H receptor which activates one G protein which activates one AC which activates one camp which::: -----1 cAMP can activate many protein kinase A’s which can each activate many proteins ADH: antidiuretic H -conserve water -secreted from posterior pituitary (other is oxytocin contraction) -water soluble -fast response b/c peptide H ****-stimulus: osmolarity goes up & ADH is released -----blood osmolarity can go up if: lose water (solvent), concentrate more solute (i.e. eat salty food) -response is to bring blood osmolarity to normal -----posterior pituitary secretes ADH & goes to kidneys & stimulates water retention osmolarity goes down aldosterone -fat soluble (ends in sterone=fat soluble) -sodium & water reabsorption -secreted from adrenal cortex—zone #1 -stimulus: blood pressure & blood volume ----when blood volume is LOW (and BP is low) --kidneys detect BP & so if BP is low, then know blood volume is low ----more water in same space --kidneys secrete renin --RAAS ---liver secretes protein angiotensinigen ----renin breakes angiotensinigen into angiotensin 1 converted to ATN 2 by ACE aldosterone kidneys absorb sodium & water (increases sodium channels & pumps) --NO change in osmolarity --slower response b/c aldosterone is a steroid adrenal medulla (in middle)
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***adrenal cortex: -layer 1 (outside most) – secretes mineralocorticoids (ends in coid=steroid—steroid from adrenal cortex & regulates minerals (aldosterone))
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midterm2review - Water soluble-receptor on...

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