102-F05-Final - YOUR

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Unformatted text preview: YOUR NAME:———————————————————— (First, middle) (LAST NAME) Your Student ID #:———————— EE 102 - Fall 2005 December 14 NAME OF Good FRIEND ON YOUR LEFT :————————————— NAME OF Good FRIEND ON YOUR RIGHT :————————————– FINAL EXAMINATION Closed Book, Calculators Are NOT Allowed Time Allowed: 3 Hours Instructions • DO NOT START until you are asked to do so • Begin Each Question On A NEW PAGE • Please Write On ONE SIDE ONLY • STAPLE These Examination Papers With Your Answers 1 QUESTION 1 (40%) (Each part is a “stand-alone” question) (i) (15 points) A system S is described by the IPOP relation: y ( t ) = Z t-∞ e- ( t- τ ) cos( t- τ ) x ( τ ) dτ, t >-∞ x ( t )-→ [ S ]-→ y ( t ) • Write down the differential equation relating input x ( t ) and output y ( t ). • Is it possible to obtain the FRF H ( iω ) of S from its System Function H ( s )? Why/Why Not? • Write down the amplitude | Y ( iω ) | and the phase Θ( ω ) of the Fourier Transform Y ( iω ) — of the output...
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102-F05-Final - YOUR

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